Brandora’s Box is a boutique agency that specializes in serving the professional service entrepreneurs.


We are obsessed about brand experience and our clients come to us to help them wow, grow and keep their customers.


We able to serve our clients globally offering services from branding, web design and marketing. Customer acquisition and growth is our focus and we seek to serve those who require than more than just a website.


If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

“ Not only did I love my website, I loved working with this team! They saw my vision and expanded on it with their expertise and creative problem solving. Totally impressed and 100 percent satisfied with this company! I will be back for more.”

“Harpo! Who ‘dis woman?!”


Hi and welcome my fellow visual snob. My name is Neghie (pronounced NAY-geee)and I love all things pretty. If you’ve found your way here,it’s probably because you’ve seen my work, so I won’t really have to toot my own horn here.


Brandora’s Box was started three years ago, when a friend called and needed a website asap. That website was the catalyst to turning a hobby into a passion business.


As a self professed, serial entrepreneur, I know first hand the importance of a great online brand presence. I also believe that great design doesn’t have to be expensive.


I have over 15 years working in the creative industry and bring all of that knowledge to the world of digital design.


Would you like to work with me and my awesome team? Yeah, I think you do. Just set an appointment below. And let’s chat!

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